Seth filed paperwork with the court weeks ago and set a court date (for tomorrow- November 28, 2012) to stop my book from going to print. The date was set and then Seth manipulated the order and tried to convince me that the order stated that I could not print until the Commissioner made a decision. I had several attorneys review the documents and everyone reassured me that Seth was interpreting what he wanted the order to say. I have come to expect Seth to manipulate reality to fit his needs and desires.

Upon reviewing Seth’s paperwork, I questioned whether or not he still had an attorney. It was unintelligible and rambling. Initially, I only received a portion of his paperwork- the actual court documents were missing. A week later, I received the missing documents along with a hand-written note from his father stating that he is confused by the documents and forgot the documents in the first set of papers. Yes…I thought to myself but isn’t that why you have an attorney?  Why is Seth’s dad doing his paperwork for him?

Tomorrow’s court date is a waste of time. Mine. Seth’s. Minor’s Counsel. Seth’s attorney. The Commissioner. It’s a waste of everyone’s time because they can’t stop my book from printing. This morning I received the opinion of Minor’s Counsel by way of a Responsive Declaration and he cited my first amendment rights and his opinion: Seth should just ignore the blog and the book. He also made reference to being confused by Seth’s paperwork. In my opinion, if his attorney is actually the one doing Seth’s paperwork, he should hire me to help in his office. It was that bad.

Ignoring the blog and book are great (and probably a good idea) but I will take it a step further and say that he should be the father that my daughters deserve and then I would have nothing to blog about. The current act in preparation for the custody evaluation is great if only I knew it would last. They are going shell shopping, hiking next weekend, etc but I know that it is short-lived. It makes me sad for my daughters because of the yo-yo that they are tied to through Seth. It’s great for two months than its back to normal. How confusing that must be to a child. As a mother, it’s difficult to watch because in this case, I do hold a crystal ball.  My crystal ball predicts a long road ahead.

In the meantime, I will keep you posted on the outcome of tomorrow’s court date.

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