Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself based solely on the principal of the matter. I believe that choosing your battles is equally important. At our court date in October, I came across a declaration from Seth’s Aunt which disturbed me on multiple levels:

  • The declaration from Seth’s aunt was hidden from me. Seth often submits paperwork to the court and doesn’t provide me with exact copies of the items that he submits. The Commissioner is then weighing things out that I am not privy to. I have learned to go to the courthouse and compare what the court was given to what I was given.
  • The declaration was a complete lie. His aunt used letterhead from the non-profit agency that she works for in an effort to make herself look credible to the court. She is an advocate for children and she wrote a declaration about a conversation that she had with me in 2009. According to her declaration, I said the following, ““If Seth gets any custody of the children, I will destroy him.”  I am accustomed to Seth’s family completely fabricating stories but this one was more than I could handle. Even to this day, with ALL that has gone on- …nothing like that has ever left my mouth. Ever.
  • The fact that she misused her position along with non-profit funds and time to damage my case and credibility did not sit well with me. She wrote a statement on the company letterhead, therefore, acting a representative of the non-profit organization.

I struggled with this situation for several weeks before finally writing a letter to the President of the Board of Directors of the non-profit agency. Today, I received a letter from the Executive Director. In the letter, he thanked me for bringing the issue to his attention and assured me that Seth’s aunt was not acting on behalf of the organization in any capacity. He stated: “I have informed (Aunt) that the use of our letterhead in this manner was inappropriate and have made it clear to her that she is not to use our letterhead again regarding this type of personal matter or in any manner in which she is not acting in her role as an advocate for (our company).”

Seth’s aunt’s dishonesty and manipulation has weighed against him multiple times throughout our case and I look forward to submitting the most recent letter to the courts to further show what type of family that I am up against. I will continue to combat their deceptive nature with honesty and truth and I will continue to stand up for myself based on principal alone.

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