Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it.

I met with someone today who could quite possibly be a real life guardian angel.  I did not go out seeking this person– an ironic chain of events happened that placed him directly in my path.

I made a 30 minute drive today that could change the course of my journey in many ways.  I feel like pinching myself just to be 100% sure that this isn’t a dream.

Today I hired a private investigator.

Not just any private investigator but one with a golden heart.  One who cares and wants to help me.

More importantly, he wants to help me protect my daughters.

Through this process, I have discovered the good side of humanity.  While there have been many horrible things happen over the past few years– there have also been some amazing moments and some people that I will never forget nor will I ever be able to thank enough.

I will finally be able to get to the bottom of many things and I will have a sense of peace– that I will be safer and my daughters will be safer.

***Edited to note:

Several people have sent emails asking “why” are you announcing this publicly (thanks for your concern!)– it will be announced in court on Wednesday and my X and the judge will both be aware that I have retained a Private Investigator.

One Mom’s Battle: Our mission at One Mom’s Battle is to increase awareness of Cluster B personality disorders (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder) and their impact upon shared parenting and the Family Court System which includes Judges, CPS workers, Guardian ad Litems (GAL), Parenting Coordinators (PC), Custody Evaluators, therapists and attorneys. Education on Cluster B disorders will allow these professionals to truly act in the best interest of the children.

History of One Mom’s Battle: In 2009, One Mom’s Battle began with one mother, (Tina Swithin), navigating the choppy waters of a high-conflict divorce in the Family Court System. Since then, it has turned into a grassroots movement reaching the far corners of the Earth. Tina’s battle spanned from 2009 – 2014 during which time she acted as her own attorney. Ultimately, Tina was successful in protecting her daughters and her family has enjoyed complete peace since October 2014 when a Family Court commissioner called her ex-husband a “sociopath” and revoked his parenting time in a final custody order.

Tina Swithin: Divorcing a narcissist? Tina Swithin’s books are available online at Amazon (print, Kindle or audio format). Each year, Tina offers life-changing weekends of camaraderie and healing at the Lemonade Power Retreat.  Tina also offers one-on-one coaching services and a private, secure forum called, The Lemonade Club, for those enduring high-conflict custody battles.




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