prioritiesby Tina Swithin

I have to admit that it is really nice to NOT have anything to write about lately. We’ve enjoyed just over 2 months of peace. I have been busy doing phone screenings for The Lemonade Club and I am blown away by the stories that I am hearing. Once again, I am convinced that I have sister wives all over the world and that we’ve all been married to the same man.

The World of Seth:

Seth harassed me by text last month so I warned him once and then blocked him when he refused to comply. THAT felt good. He is now unable to text me.

I gave Seth the girls’ phone number and he proceeded to text them- texts and photos. My daughter ignores those and has not responded. At this point, I’ve let the girls take control. They have chosen to speak to him once per week and they choose to ignore his calls the rest of the time.

Tonight was their weekly call and he said the following, “I miss you and I sure wish there was a way that we could see each other.”

My daughter looked at me and rolled her eyes.

They know.

They see through him.

I sat there thinking, “You selfish jerk. There IS a way for you to see each other and it’s called supervised visits. If you miss them SO much, go set the visits up tomorrow” This is a man who makes $7,000 per month- the cost of the visits isn’t an issue which is apparent by his monthly bar tabs. Priorities.

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