me-me-meCleo and Leonard.  Seth’s parents.

I could write an entire book on these people however, they aren’t worth my time or mental energy.

Prior to Cleo leaving the country (she works overseas and is home for the summer and holiday season), she had promised to mail the girls a few belongings that were left behind. She recently emailed me about wanting to Skype with the girls and I mentioned that we never received the package that Leonard supposedly mailed.

Insert foot here.

Kicking myself for engaging.

Leonard then emailed me offering to meet Glenn and I in a park or public setting to return additional items (clothing, etc). In his dramatic, narcissistic fashion, he said something along the lines of, “It would be nice if you brought the girls so I, as their grandfather, could wish them a final farewell.

I didn’t respond to his bizarre request but addressed it with Piper’s therapist last week. Her exact words, “Is he DYING?!”  She was as confused as I was. Obviously, this meeting is NOT happening. This would be confusing and damaging to the girls and obviously, not in their best interest. As the king narcissist in the family, it would feed HIS needs and it would give him a victim story to tell.

Not happening.

In my email to Cleo, I asked her if Seth planned to see the girls again. It’s now been four months and it is confusing to the girls. They know that there are visits available 4-5 times per month yet dad is not exercising the visits. Cleo’s response was something along these lines, “I will ask him again however, I know how hard the last supervised visits were for both Seth and the girls.”

No, Cleo. Wrong.

The visits were NOT hard on the girls. In fact, the girls preferred to see their dad when they felt safe. They looked forward to supervised visits- it was only two hours at a time and their dad couldn’t HURT them but they still got to see him…in a safe environment.

My response: “Cleo- I agree that the visits are difficult for Seth however, the previous set of supervised visits were not hard on the girls at all. They got to see their father and they felt safe. If he is choosing not to exercise future visits, I would like to know so that it can be addressed with their  therapist. If that is the case, I find it to be very selfish on his part.”

Selfish? A narcissist? Say it isn’t so?

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