FiredI have suspected that Seth was terminated from his job a few weeks ago.  There have been some weird issues with his phone – he now calls from a private number and when I called his cell  phone…it was disconnected.  Since this was his work cell phone, it has been concerning.

This morning I received a call from our case manager at Child Support Services who verified my suspicions: Seth was fired from his job several weeks ago.

Truth be told, he managed to keep this job longer than most.  He usually has a 3 month lifespan on jobs since our divorce. He continued on his path of manipulation by updating his Facebook page on Sunday with his job title and company — the one that he was fired from weeks ago. I’m sure he is hiding his job loss from his family which has been his pattern with each job loss in the past.  I’m also sure that somehow it will be my fault that he lost his job.

The other portion of the phone call from Child Support Services was to notify me that the girls’ health insurance ends– effective TOMORROW.  This obviously affects us tremendously when it comes to the girls’ counseling sessions, dental check ups and other scheduled appointments.  I am so frustrated today.  Time to “pull up the big girl panties and deal with it”!


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