I just looked down and realized that I look like a bag lady. I was up too late preparing court documents and up early again trying to finish them.  Then you fit in my responsibilities as a mom and my duties to my job: I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today.  My hair didn’t get brushed- I opted for the “clip back” look…my sweatpants and a few pats of make-up to conceal the dark circles under my eyes and here I am.

How many late nights have I spent typing up declarations, osc’s and other court paperwork?  Too many to count.  Last night, I was up until almost midnight and today, I am exhausted.  I am in the midst of preparing an ex parte to stop the next visitation.  I feel like a broken record, “it shouldn’t be THIS difficult to protect my daughters”.

What is different about this ex parte hearing?  I have brave people who have come forward and offered to submit testimony in support of my case– people who know my X or people who witnessed the incident last weekend.  Now I have strong voices who want to help me protect my daughters.  In the past, I was constantly met with the same answer, “I will tell you everything you want to know but I don’t want to be involved”.  Now, that seems to be changing.  I am relieved and incredibly thankful to the brave souls who are helping us.

My new mission: to bring change to the Family Court System.  You can help me by signing a petition.  I also plan to create a letter which you can send to your local representatives– stay tuned for that.  One voice can’t accomplish a lot but a lot of voices together can.

Our Family Court System has lost sight of their primary goal: to protect our children. The courts are too focused on being quick and fair with 50/50 custody splits instead of focusing on what is best for the children.  Our Family Court System needs to start doing what it was designed to do: act in the best interest of our children. This isn’t about Mothers’ Rights or Fathers’ Rights- it is about the rights of our children to live in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.


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