todayMy youngest daughter’s personality changed a lot in 2011.  My once my spunky little girl with an attitude became shy and withdrawn.  Around that same time she began regressing in potty training.  At that time, she was 4.5 years old and had been potty trained for over two years.  Weeks after an overnight visit with their father, the girls admitted that he had threatened to make my youngest daughter, Sarah sleep in a dark, scary parking structure alone.  See blog post “A Monster in the parking structure.”

Last night during dinner, Sarah piped up and said, “Mom, I told the police lady that dad said I would have to sleep in a parking structure and she said that he was probably kidding.  Her dad used to tell her that he would never feed her again if she didn’t eat her vegetables. Mom- he wasn’t kidding when he said that– he was mean!

I could barely sleep last night.  I am FURIOUS.  This little girl with a golden heart and angelic smile is SO shy and withdrawn.  She has finally worked up the courage to tell her therapist this story and now she used her voice to tell someone who was supposed to help her- a police officer.  A police officer failed her miserably. A police officer overstepped her bounds and acted in a role that was beyond her scope of expertise. My daughter’s therapist agrees that this interaction took my daughter backwards so many steps.

To make matters worse, I discovered that I was lied to by the police officers. The first officer told me that my daughter claimed she wanted to go to Sunday’s visit. My daughters stated that the officer told them they had to go on the Sunday visit if they choose to skip the Saturday visit and assured them that they would be fine.

To add insult to injury, the officers never showed up to oversee the custody exchange as they promised my daughters. Thankfully, I hired a private detective to tail Seth and the girls for six hours to ensure their safety. \

My heart hurts for my children.  My heart hurts for all of our children who are being failed by this screwed up system.


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