step dadby Tina Swithin

It’s been over four months since we’ve seen Seth yet he continues to call every Wednesday night.

He often says things like, “I’m at Barnes and Noble and I’m going to buy you some books.” or, “I really miss you- I wish there was a way that I could see you.” or better yet, when Piper told him that she was going to start taking horse back riding lessons, he replied by saying, “I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s really dirty and muddy.”

My two cents:

  • You haven’t bothered to see your daughters in 4.5 months yet we are suppose to confer with you about how you FEEL about dirt and mud?
  • You COULD figure out a way to see your children. You are CHOOSING not too because your ego is bigger than your love for your daughters.

Today was a great reminder that my daughters will be okay. Better than that, they are thriving.  Today was Glenn’s birthday and Piper came into our bedroom this morning with a hand made card. The card said,

Dear Glenn- You are the best step-dad & dad ever! You are all of our dreams come true. You are the perfect Glenn. -Piper

Despite the damage that Seth can do in one phone call, Glenn and his relationship with the girls gives me hope that our story has a happy ending.

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