I called my X’s new attorney this morning because I wanted to inquire about the court order that his office was instructed to prepare.  I felt uncomfortable entering the weekend without a court order detailing the new arrangement.  I was told that it was prepared yesterday and mailed.  With that information, I went to my post office box and found the order.

It was wrong. 

The seventh item stated the following:

X shall notify Tina Swithin at least 24 hours in advance of his scheduled visitation if he is not going to exercise his visitation with the minor children.

It should read:

The Petitioner shall email the Respondent 24 hours in advance to let her know he will exercise visitation, if no email is received visitation is cancelled.

While it seems like a small issue, it isn’t.  My X often stands us up with no prior notice.  The judge put this order into effect for a reason.  I read the paperwork and it said, “if you have any questions or changes, please advise”.  I called the attorney’s office and was met with a snooty response by the receptionist who is clearly not my biggest fan.  The feeling is mutual.  I notified her of the error and asked what to do.  “Nothing” she stated.  “Nothing”, I asked.  “It says to notify you if there are any needed changes within 10 days”, I said.  “We aren’t going to change it”, she responded.

Deep breath.

I asked her to have Mr. Attorney call me and he did.  Mr. Attorney was condescending and insisted that I was wrong.  I held firm.  He stated that this is a standard order used with the majority of his clients.  I argued that X was not a “standard client” and that the order was put in place for a reason– by the commissioner.  He then tried to play hardball with me and said, “If you want to go this route, we can go ahead and leave the order as-is (this meant they wouldn’t agree to change the time from 10am-4pm to 11am-5pm so that my daughters could attend church with me)”.  I didn’t waver under his threat.  “That’s fine, Mr. Attorney.  I am happy to take this back in front of the judge.  Go for it.”

He then stated he would call “his client”.  Minutes later, he called back and admitted that I was correct and that they would change the orders.

I can play this game also and refuse to waiver.



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