I am angry.  I am angry that it takes a tragedy to bring awareness and change.  We (myself included) watch the news and gasp at stories like the Susan and Josh Powell case.  These stories cause an emotional rise for us and we are equally shocked and saddened.  These stories prove to be conversation pieces at work, coffee shops and the gym but then we go on with our lives.  Charles (age 7) and Braden (age 5) Powell can’t go on with their lives—the details of their case are horrific and if this story makes you feel uncomfortable then I have accomplished my goal.  As a society, we should feel so incredibly uncomfortable that we begin to take action.

One of the headlines from the Powell case read, “Powell tragedy sparks questions about Child Custody”.  I talk to hundreds of people per month  who question our courts and the laws.  One of my Facebook followers said it best; “the court system sums up the destiny of our children in 20 minutes“.  These cases are pushed through the courts like cattle and children’s lives are decided upon in 10 minutes, 20 minutes or if you are lucky, 30 minutes.  Think about it: it takes twice as long to adopt a puppy from the pound then it does to decide the future of a child.  In the Powell case, the court had information ‘in-hand’ that proved Josh Powell to not only have Narcissistic Personality Disorder but issues with child pornography.  This is a man who murdered his wife yet a judge felt that the children were “safe” to be in his home?

There are people being failed by our family court system everyday—men, women and most importantly, the children.  We, as a society have the power to bring change to the court system.  Bringing change can happen and it’s easier than you think.  As a society, we need to begin by holding Judges, Commissioners and others who work in the Family Court System accountable for their decisions.  We need to call our representatives and bring this issue into the spotlight.  We need to begin writing letters to the very people that we voted into office and let them know about our cases.  We need to begin by writing, “Letters to the Editor” of each and every newspaper in our respected areas.

We need to make our voices heard loud and clear: the Family Court System is FAILING to protect children all over the United States and beyond.

Click Here: Template Letter to Start Writing

Where to write:

  • Write Your U.S. Representative (A service of the House that will assist you by identifying your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives and providing contact information.

U.S. Supreme Court: Contact Information – US Supreme Court

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