I am officially wearing a new title: Author.

Surreal is the only word that I can find to describe how I am feeling today. The path to get to this spot was rough and rocky but I made it! When I first began writing my book last April, I had no concept of the healing and wisdom that would accompany this project. I had to push myself to write on many occasions and I let the book sit untouched for weeks at a time. I had many periods of self doubt during the editing process and worried about the hype that I had created around this book. Promoting my mission comes naturally but writing a book? Not so much.

I allowed the voice from the past to creep in and whisper in my ear. Whispers of being “not smart enough” or “not good enough” caused me stress and anxiety. I plugged my ears at the urging of friends, family and my fiancé and I kept going forward. What is the worst that could happen, I asked myself? The worst that could happen was that no one buys my book. Ok. That’s not so bad. The writing portion alone brought healing, closure and acceptance. I filled my head with positive thoughts and pushed the negatives right out as fast as they could come in.

I reached out to a few people whom I respected and I asked them to read my book. I received positive feedback and verbal endorsements. The last remaining whispers of self-doubt were quickly “kicked to the curb” and I realized that I was about to publish a book. I was going to be an author! My high school English teacher will probably be scratching his head in amazement as he checks outside for flying pigs!

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