I almost didn’t stop by my PO Box on the way home today.  I wasn’t expecting anything important but found myself with an extra few minutes.  In a stack of mail was a letter from the X’s attorney.  I threw it on my front seat and continued on my way.  I was sure it was just a copy of the declaration from my X Father-In-Law which I had already read in court.

I was waiting to pick up my daughter from school and reached over to grab the envelope.  I saw the words, “Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney of Record“.  Oh my gosh!!!  His attorney quit.  I am not sure of the details but I suspect that it was one of a few reasons:

1. The “craziness” of our case was too much for him to bear.  He probably had no idea what he was walking into.

2. My X bounced checks and failed to pay.

3. My X refused to listen to orders and the attorney was having a difficult time controlling him.

In true Narcissistic fashion, I am sure he will blame me.  It will be my fault because I called his attorney’s office one too many times.  My fault because I finally began receiving child support (thank God!) and he couldn’t afford it anymore.

I could not have received better news on a Friday night.  We are both in pro se and I am feeling even more confident then before.  My paperwork is solid and the Commissioner has finally seen through him.

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