crimeThere have been a LOT of things that I have been unable to discuss during the evaluation and for a variety of reasons. Post-custody evaluation, there are still many things that I am unable to talk about.

While I am unable to disclose anything from our actual custody evaluation report, I can discuss things that are public record or items that are in our court file. One of the things that the Commissioner ordered to be investigated was an alleged mugging that took place in San Francisco in September of 2011. Seth’s ex-girlfriend, Katia and her friend, Anita, found my blog online in 2012 and contacted me. They were ready to assist me in protecting the girls and they had lots of information to share.

One of the stories that they relayed to me had to do with Seth’s mother’s SUV Lexus being totaled. This is a snippet of the actual declaration written by Seth’s former friend, Anita.

The second incident took place on September 12, 2011. My friend (Katia) called me in the late morning and asked to come to her apartment as there was an emergency situation unfolding. Seth was at her apartment and told us that he had been mugged the previous night by two black men and that the assailants left him unconscious without his car and wallet. I suggested calling the police, but Seth strongly insisted that he did not want the police involved. Upon my arrival at the apartment, the police were also arriving as Katia had contacted them despite Seth’s request.  As we all sat by, Seth began reporting the events from the previous night at which point the police officers challenged Seth’s version on the story with evidence and testimony related to a hit-and-run accident involving his Lexus in San Francisco.  The police officers demanded the truth from Seth and after initial hesitation; Seth admitted to having lied about the situation and stated that he was not mugged. 

In fact, Seth perpetrated the hit-and-run in his mother’s car, abandoned the vehicle and made up an elaborate story to cover up the accident. After the police left the apartment, I was left with no choice but to give Seth a ride to his apartment.  While in the car Seth did not display any remorse about what happened and he justified his actions by stating that he was afraid of receiving a DUI offense, as he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. He explained that a DUI would automatically make him lose his job. I have not spoken to Seth since this incident; however, soon after I discovered that Seth didn’t have a job at the time of the accident and had lost his job months prior to the accident involving his mother’s Lexus

The Custody Evaluation

Do you believe anything that Seth says?” asked the custody evaluator at one of our first meetings. This is a trick question I thought to myself. It’s one of those questions that I feared. If I answer honestly than I risk the evaluator thinking that I am unreasonable and paranoid. Lying wasn’t an option either. I didn’t believe anything that came out of Seth’s mouth.

No. I don’t believe anything that he says” I boldly answered. “He lies just to lie and sometimes, there isn’t even a need to lie.” We discussed the mugging incident as an example. It’s bad enough that he was lying about the accident but why did he need to further embellish the story with a mugging? I’ve heard an entirely different story from one of Seth’s family members that involved him texting and driving- then becoming scared and abandoning the car. Why did he have to bring two African-American men into the story? It defies logic. It’s difficult to even comprehend.

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