neverI am emotionally exhausted but wanted to give everyone an update.

My faith has been restored in many ways. I have hope that there are still some people in the Family Court System who care– and who take their jobs seriously.  While it has been a long, frustrating wait, I’ve tried to remind myself that the wait meant that the evaluator was really doing his job. I prayed a lot and I asked for prayers often.  Today, I sit holding a 43 page evaluation report that is everything I ever wanted and then some.  They get it.  The evaluator was wasn’t charmed by Seth- he saw right through him.  He listened to our concerns.  He listened to what my daughters had to say.  He listened and he acted.

At this point, the report is confidential and I am not able to discuss the details.  I need clarification from my attorney before I can speak publicly about the actual report. I can say that the report is mind boggling to me- I would have been happy with a recommendation of supervised visits and in the end, that is just a small percentage of what was recommended. I can say with confidence that my daughters are finally going to be safe.  I know that and I feel that in my heart.

A recent event that was truly a “cherry on top” — which I haven’t been able to discuss until now.  On Sunday, June 30th, I picked the girls up at 5pm at our meeting location.  The girls told me that their dad had drank beer while they were with him- two at least…maybe three.  Piper said that he drinks the same thing often but tells them its soda– she heard the waitress say, “Here is your beer” as she set it down. There is a very strict court order in place- not only can Seth not drink while he is with the girls…he can’t even drink for 6 hours prior to a visit.

I immediately sprung into action with the help of a private investigator and began the process of obtaining the surveillance video because I wanted to PROVE that he was drinking– and to prove how much he was drinking.  Not only was Seth drinking but so was his father.  This is the same man that recently wrote in a declaration that he “works hard to ensure that Seth doesn’t drink prior to or during visits” — the same man that told the evaluator that I was a liar.  It’s almost unbelievable to me– that they would be this arrogant and this narcissistic that they would actually drink with my daughters on the final week of the evaluation.  As if the above wasn’t enough, the place where they took the girls to eat and drink was an Irish Pub- a real bar! After drinking, he placed my daughters in a car and drove them.

We have court on Wednesday and I am confident that the court will follow the recommendation of the evaluator.  I have been placing one foot in front of the other for four years now.  I feel like there is a light at the end of my tunnel that is shining as bright as day.  The truth has finally prevailed- even with a dream team of attorneys, Seth can not dig his way out of this.  His true colors have been shown.

We go to court on Wednesday for the final judgment.  I have not felt this hopeful in four years.  Thank you to everyone in my circle who has supported me- my friends, my family, my Glenn and everyone on One Mom’s Battle.  I hope that my story inspires someone else to keep going….there is hope and I am feeling it now!

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