The recent story of “A” and Baby G is just another reminder of how deeply flawed the Family Court System is. As I mentioned this morning on Facebook, I would like to put together a stack of stories to mail to media outlets.  I want to show first-hand accounts of the failures in the Family Court System.  The Family Court System is not doing it’s job– which is to act in the best interest of the child.  My goal is to compile as many stories as possible and bind them together with a cover sheet attached.

This is exactly what I need from you:  A one-page word document telling your story.

1. At the top of the page, please list your name, the ages of your children and which court house (county and state) that your case presently resides in.

2. I know the reality of what I am asking– it is very difficult to tell your story in one-page.  I know this from experience– heck, I wrote an entire book about this topic!  We need to make each piece focused and to the point. Each of our stories are so different — but each story shares a similar thread: failure by the Family Court System to act in the best interest of our children.  If you personally find it difficult to adhere to one page, I suggest doing a summary in the beginning and then use bullet points to highlight specific incidences such as:

  • 2005- A 3111 (Custody Evaluation) was ordered which uncovered major issues such as a criminal record and alcohol infractions.
  • 2010- A CWS report was opened because XYZ left our child unattended in a car for 45 minutes.
  • 2011- Stalking charges were filed and a restraining order was issued.
  • 2012- Despite an extensive criminal history, the Judge ordered unsupervised, overnight visits 6 nights per month.

The key to this is to have as many stories as possible without overwhelming the media outlets with pages and pages of details.

3. Close by listing your contact information in case there are additional questions.

4. Email me the one-page document to [email protected] with the subject line saying, “Media Letters.”

Thank you!!!!  Let’s raise our voices together and get the media to begin focusing on these issues.  We can break the silence and demand change!  -Tina

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