That is the question of the hour.

Many of you may remember that my X received a DUI last October.  It is my understanding that it was reduced to a “wet n reckless” with the help of a high-priced attorney.  Regardless of what the final charge was, he was drinking and driving.  He lost his license.  After the fact, he was knowingly driving the girls without a license and it was lightly addressed in court.  When asked by the Commissioner if he had a valid license, he didn’t answer directly.  He did what he normally does when lying: he talks in circles and it sounded something like this:

X: Well, I was working in San Diego on Monday so I assumed it was okay to drive.

Commissioner: So, you have a license that is restricted to/from work and since you had to be in San Diego on Monday, you think it is okay to drive between Friday and Monday?  Basically, you have no restrictions and can do whatever you want (sarcasm). 

No.  It is NOT okay to drive children without a license nor is it okay for a 38 year old man to drink and drive.  There are no laws above a 38-year old man with Narcissism.  None.

Because he is irresponsible, I am forced by the courts to drive the girls 40 minutes (round trip) to his family’s home for visitation.  If that isn’t frustrating enough, he then put them in the car after I left and drove them in his car.  I’m sure his excuse will be– it was only a short distance.  Obviously, I have calls into the girls’ attorney and he is investigating whether or not his license was reinstated.  If it is in fact suspended, I’m sure we will go back to court to listen to him talk in circles and have the Commissioner give him another chance.

Because 159 chances weren’t enough.

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