Cracked FoundationLast week I was honored to be a guest on Sandy’s “Courageous Conversations” blog talk radio show.  Sandy is a dating coach and owner of “Last First Date.”  Sandy is also a blogger for the Huffington Post where she recently wrote a fabulous article titled, “Six Ways to Recognize and Stop Dating a Narcissist.”

On the day of the interview I left my 1.5 hour long custody evaluation and threw on a cape to fly across town and call into Sandy’s radio show.  I had barely a nano second to breath but needed to pull myself together quickly to form complete sentences. I laughed at myself when I listened to the show several days later.  One of Sandy’s first questions was, “How are you?” and my automatic reply was, “Fab-u-lous!”.  Let’s be honest, I wasn’t fabulous.  I was emotionally spent.  I have a habit of doing something that many of us are guilty of– “I’m fine!”  The reality is that I am human and sometimes I need to remember that.

On “Courageous Conversations”, we talked about dating a narcissist and marrying a narcissist among other things.  Because Sandy is a dating coach, we talked about advice and wisdom for those who are dating.  If I could give one piece of advice to those in the dating pool it would be to examine your foundation.  It is so easy to grab a paintbrush and throw a coat of fresh paint over the large crack in the wall.  The important work is not covering the crack in the wallIt’s important to go deeper to find out what is causing the cracks to appear in the first place: the foundation.  It is so important to know yourself, love yourself and then fix the foundation with honesty and love.

If  you missed Sandy’s show, click here to listen.

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