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The other day, when reading Facebook I ran across the news story about the horrific failure in the Canadian court system that resulted in the death of two sisters, Chloe Berry, 6 and Aubrey Berry, 4, by the hands of their father. Ever since my spouse kicked me out of our house almost 6 months ago and I filed for divorce, I have been haunted by news stories such as this.

Upon seeing previously mentioned news story, I decided to do some research myself and a simple Google search uncovered 87 victims of domestic violence (where there were previous instances of DV reported to the police) in 2017 alone. While the majority of the victims happened to be the DV victim, many were innocent children, extended family members or innocent bystanders.  When discussing this with my therapist, I asked her if abusers can really be helped or stopped and her response was that in her experience the only thing that really helps them is for them to be jailed. Something more really needs to be done to protect us…before it results in tragedy.

In my research I also found a press release by the Center for Judicial Excellence from 12/5/16 about 58 children that were murdered in the US where the court system failed.

In addition, the Center for Judicial Excellence has been tracking the number of children that were murdered by a parent with divorce, separation, custody, visitation or child support was mentioned in news coverage – at least 623 children.

Here are some of the more publicized deaths of domestic violence after it was reported to police in 2017 in the US alone but by no means is the the entire list:

January 2017 – Texas – Cam Tu Tran

February 2017 – Arizona – Blanca Gutierrez-Calzoncit

February 2017 – Texas – Aurora Lopez

February 2017 –  Amanda Christia 

February 2017 – Oklahoma – Cayann Patterson & Bryan Young

March 2017 – Ohio – Amanda Mangas

March 2017 – North Carolina – Elisa Meryl Slutzky

April 2017 – California – Aramazd “Piqui” Andressian Jr.

April 2017 – Maryland – Chinika Hursey & Steven Campbell

April 2017 – California – Karen Smith & Jonathan Martinez

April 2017 – Kentucky – Gloria Dorris

April 2017 – Tennessee – Lisa Peoples

May 2017 – New York – Iveliss Alvarado-Genao

May 2017 – California – Narem Prabhu & Raynah Prabhu 

May 2017 – California – Renee Sue O’Neal

May 2017 – Florida – Larissa Barros

June 2017 – New York – Gabrielle White

June 2017 – Utah – Memorez Rackley & Jase Rackley

June 2017 – New Jersey – Anishalee Cortes

July 2017 – Pennsylvania – Michelle Saint-Aude

July 2017 – Alabama – Dana Lever, Bonnie Foshee & Don Foshee

July 2017 – Missouri – Robbie & William Kinney

July 2017 – South Carolina – Meredith Rahme, Hayden King & Harper Edens

August 2017 – Kansas – Amy Shaffer Mabion

August 2017 – Texas – Kathy Voelker

August 2017 – Texas – Crystal McDowell

August 2017 – Missouri – Tamara Randolph

August 2017 – Wisconsin – Crystal Leopold

September 2017 – Texas – Meredith Hight, Olivia Deffner, Anthony Cross, James Dunlop, Darryl Hawkins, Rion Morgan, Myah Bass, Caleb Edwards

September 2017 – Tennessee – Keysha Caldwell

September 2017 – Texas – Krista Copeland

September 2017 – Louisiana – Kimberly Owens

September 2017 – Oklahoma – Tamera Moore

October 2017 – Pennsylvania – Alina Sheykhet

October 2017 – Ohio – Laura Fruscella

October 2017 – Ohio – Tanisha Huff

November 2017 – New York – Elizabeth Lee-Herman

November 2017 – Utah – Keri McClanahan

November 2018 – Michigan – Linda Jamerson

November 2017 – Texas – Church Shooting (who had been convicted of Domestic Violence) in Sutherland Springs, 26 killed: Keith Allen Braden, Robert Corrigan, Shani Corrigan, Emily Garcia, Emily Hill, Gregory Hill, Megan Hill, Crystal Holcombe, Carlin Brite Holcombe, John Bryan Holcombe, Karla Holcombe, Marc Daniel Holcombe, Noah Holcombe, Dennis Johnson, Sr., Sara Johnson, Haley Krueger, Karen Marshall, Robert Scott Marshall, Tara McNulty, Annabelle Pomeroy, Therese Rodriguez, Ricardo Rodriguez, Brooke Ward, Joann Ward, Peggy Warden, Lula White

December 2017 – Calif – Linda Vue & Joseph Valasco 

December 2017 – Pennsylvania – Lesli Kelly

December 2017 – Arizona – Iris Ross

This has to end. Our Family Courts must err on the side of caution.



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