mystery-womanWhere do I go from here?

My battle is done (for now) but will it ever really be done? Time will tell but the optimist in me can hope. According to several attorneys that I’ve spoken with, it’s done for at least three years. Even then, it would be nearly impossible for Seth to regain additional visitation without showing huge changes and following all of the items that were recommended by the parenting evaluation. While I haven’t received the bill for the actual evaluation, I anticipate that it will be near $10,000. This will be the best money that I’ve ever spent and I will happily mail a check every month for the rest of my life!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I never intended to embark on this journey- I started a simple, online journal to document my custody battle for friends and family. Now, here I am. While I’ve heard stories of blogs that have had devastating effects on custody battles, I believe that my blog was my saving grace because it shined a spotlight on my case.

In many ways, I was very fortunate.  I was not faced with Family Court corruption like so many others.  I was faced with an overburdened Family Court System that wasn’t equipped to deal with someone with a personality disorder. The court also wasn’t equipped to deal with me. I may have redefined what it means to be a squeaky wheel. “What do you mean you can’t protect my children? Okay, I will be back next month and we’ll try again.” I refused to accept that my ex-husband had the right to abuse my children mentally or physically based on the fact that he is their father. I do not believe that parent’s rights should supersede a child’s right to be safe but sadly, that seems to be the case in our court system.

My goal is to continue to be a squeaky wheel. My book has given me the platform that I need to educate attorneys, law students, Judges, Commissioners, GALS, social workers and anyone who has a hand in the Family Court System. I am in the process of writing a second book which will go deeper into my life story and discuss how I was failed as a child by the Family Court System which placed parental rights as a higher priority than my right to be safe. The issues in the Family Court System are not new- the system has been flawed for a very long time. Shining a spotlight onto this issue will hopefully bring awareness to the issues and cause Judges to do what they were appointed to do: to act in the best interest of the children.        

The Next Face of One Mom’s Battle

I hope to inspire others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am living proof. I am embarking on a search for a new “face” for One Mom’s Battle. My goal will be to showcase two different stories—one spot that has already been filled by a woman who has touched and inspired me with her story. She has taken a huge batch of lemons and turned it into a pitcher full of lemonade. Due to her own battles, she is now on her way to becoming an attorney and mark my words, she will make changes and help many people.

Now, I am in need of one more “face” to complete the blog. If you are interested in applying, please read the following very carefully as I will only read/accept those that meet the guidelines:

  • Are you a very good writer and do you have someone who is willing to proof and edit your work prior to submitting?
  • Is your story one of inspiration? I would like to showcase another inspirational story to give others hope and to carry on the positive momentum that I see happening around me.
  • Have you thought of the potential legal ramifications of going public (no name will be used however, this is something to seriously contemplate)?
  • Please provide a one-page (word.doc) which highlights your story (bullet points are a big help in keeping to the one-page maximum) including where you are now in the battle.
  • Please provide a one-page (or less) explanation for why you should be chosen to be the next face of One Mom’s Battle. Did you triumph against the Family Court System or do you have advice to give those who follow in your footsteps? What have you learned on your journey and why is your story inspirational?
  • Applicants must be able to commit to at least one blog per week with two weekly blogs preferred.
  • Submit the above mentioned items to [email protected] with the subject line reading, “New Face of One Mom’s Battle: Your Name Here”

I will begin reviewing the submissions on August 1st and announce the New Face of One Mom’s Battle on August 15th.

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