Written in court at 8:30am:

I didn’t sleep much last night. A lot of anxiety. A lot of tossing and turning. 

I am sitting in court waiting for our case to be called.  I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t scared.

The thought of my daughters going to an unsupervised visit with my X terrifies me.

I have done everything I can do.  Now it is in the hands of the judge and the attorney who was appointed to represent my daughters. I pray that they protect my girls.

While I sit here, I’ve prepared a statement to read to the court:

I would like to go on record and state that I am extremely concerned about the safety of my daughters while in my X’s care.  I have watched X spiral out of control over the past four years.  I am concerned about his mental stability.  I am so concerned about my personal safety and my children’s safety that I have retained a private investigator. 

My X has no regard for the court orders or the laws.  He has no regard for the well-being of my daughters.  I plead with the court to order supervised visitation.


The judge looked through the evidence and made a statement about imposing supervised visits.  He then said we would be taking a recess.  I was hopeful.

Court adjourned and my X went into “sales mode”.  He is good at what he does.  He makes a six-figure income when employed as a sales person.  He is also a master manipulator.

He read a statement that was clearly written by his Aunt, a court-advocate for children or his mother.  In the letter, he admitted to his drinking issues and claimed that he has enrolled in a DUI course.  He spoke of glittery parenting classes where he “has plans” to enroll.

I read my statement.  The attorney who represented the girls stated that he recommended supervised visitation or shorter, daytime visits.

The judge ruled: visitation reinstated.  No supervision required.

I am devastated.

Today, my heart hurts and I am angry.  What does it take to obtain supervised visitation?

How badly does this man need to hurt my daughters before the court acts?  That is my question.

Our system needs to change.


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