PORTER, JASON ROBERT A00667845by Tina Swithin
Many of you know about “Robert” from my book, “Divorcing a Narcissist.” While I worked hard to protect this family’s identity for many years, he has thrust himself into the spotlight as the monster I’ve always known him to be. I have been BEGGING this monster’s family to get him help since 2003. The Family Court System has been aware of my concerns since 2009 yet NO ONE listened to me.
  • NINE (9) victims identified so far – additional children remain unidentified. 
  • THIRTY-ONE (31) charges so far – many carry life sentences.
  • An unprecedented $7 MILLION dollar bail.
In 2010, Noelia de la Torre of Family Court Services in San Luis Obispo conducted a 3111 Custody Evaluation. During that evaluation, Jason Porter’s mother swooped in and brushed all of my concerns under the rug. This custody evaluator bought her story….hook, line and sinker despite overwhelming evidence that he was a danger to my daughters and others. I have begged his mother to get him help for years and during our marriage, Seth and I were united in our decision to keep our daughters away from him. The day our marriage ended, he began bringing our daughters around this sick man.
My aunt sent an email to Noelia de la Torre during the custody evaluation BEGGING her to listen to us. This was a snippet of the email: 
“Do I believe Tina when she tells me that Seth’s brother Jason and his father returned from a trip to Thailand and that they went to a bar where young women/girls sit under the bar to give men blow jobs while they drink? Yes. Do I believe Tina when she tells me that she sat through dinner with Seth and his family while Jason talked about murdering and raping women–and that his mother didn’t miss a bite or flinch? Yes. Am I disturbed that Seth’s mother prides herself with being a degreed counselor and yet she fails to counsel her sons or encourage them to learn to be better parents and human beings through the benefit of counseling? Yes.”
At the conclusion of the evaluation, Noelia sat my ex-husband and I down and went over her recommendations. When she told me that she recommended my daughters be allowed access to Jason Porter, I had to leave the room to compose myself. She then bullied me into signing her proposed parenting plan which allowed this monster access to my children. My ex-husband and his mother were court-ordered to never leave the children unaccompanied with Jason Porter but this was a family who had already proven their inability to tell the truth or to follow court orders. 
I sat in the courtroom on Tuesday. This evil monster was shackled and wearing orange. He did not enter a plea. He saw me sitting there and he will see me at every court date until he is behind bars. I will speak out for the rest of my life about how the Family Court System failed my family. I will speak out for the rest of my life about how his mother failed. This woman, a mandated reporter, was basically residing in a child porn factory. Yes, you read that right…Jason lived with his parents and his Thai bride….and he was abusing all of these innocent children right under their nose.

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