roosterMy oldest daughter came home kind of quiet after her last visit with Seth. She mentioned that they went to the beach and that he was pulling her on a boogie board. This was her first time on a boogie board or in the ocean for that matter. As the week has progressed, more of the story has come out.

I often talk to the girls about words versus actions. I often tell them that I don’t want to hear that they are going to clean their room- action is what matters. We were eating at a Mexican food restaurant earlier in the week and my daughter said, “Mom, dad always says that he loves us and misses us but his actions don’t show that.” I was amazed at how profound this statement was given that there was an 8 year old little girl delivering the message. It took me almost 8 years to understand this and I was an adult at the time!

As with the majority of my “Seth” communication with the girls, I was careful to listen without speaking or adding to the conversation. Piper went on to talk about the boogie board incident.  As it turns out, she fell off the board many times and each time, he laughed at her and called her a “chicken” when she cried. She said that she repeatedly told him to stop but he wouldn’t.  At one point, she hit her hip on a rock and cried- he mocked her again, called her a chicken and told her to be tough.

Piper said they ran into friends at the beach so Seth quickly snapped into “super dad” mode and left his sadistic side down by the water where he was safe to bully small children. I’d much rather be a chicken than an evil rooster.

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