my badFool me once…shame on you.

On February 27th, I found out from Child Support Services that Seth had been fired from his job several weeks prior. In that phone call I also discovered that the girls were loosing their health insurance the very next day- on February 28th. I sent him an email immediately asking for clarification on insurance and Cobra. This was the email that I received back on March 1st:

Tina- The girls will have insurance through COBRA. Thus, if they have a doctors, dental or vision they’re current insurance cards will be valid. COBRA cards may be issued in next 30 days. I was not fired and quite frankly I don’t care for your tone or accusation. The position I had with (said company) was to end 12/31/12 but it was continued until 2/15/13 and there was a planned Separation Agreement.  -Seth
I emailed Seth asking for conformation of the girls Cobra insurance and never heard back.  On the 6th of March, I emailed him explaining that the girls had dental appointments that day and that I needed to ensure that they were covered by Cobra. This was the email that I received back hours later:
Tina- They’re covered on Cobra until April 30th. Best regards, Seth
I went forward with the appointment trusting that the insurance was in place. Sure enough, I received notification from the dental office last week that I owe $600….because there is no Cobra insurance.
I’m angry with myself for once again believing a pathological liar. It’s just one more thing to add to our next court date.
Fool me a million times…shame on me.

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