Bizarro WorldWe are still in the midst of the parenting evaluation but my portion is done for the time being.  I am now anxiously awaiting the next steps.  I believe that the next steps will involve sitting down and hearing the evaluator’s recommendation to the court.  In most situations, the meeting involves both parties and the evaluator together which is what we did during the first evaluation in 2010.  I have requested that we meet separately and I hope that my request will be honored.

Next Court Date: Our next court date is scheduled for a two-day hearing on April 10th and 11th. I am still unsure why it is set for a two-day hearing—maybe the Commissioner heard my complaint about being rushed through the court like cattle?  Maybe he wants to get to the bottom of all of the issues once and for all.

We barely hear from Seth anymore.  Our court order allows him to call every other night however, we haven’t heard from him at all this week.  During February, we went a full ten days without hearing from him – I found it especially odd that he didn’t even bother to call the girls on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve since discovered that he and Gazelle #3, actually broke up during their Valentine’s Day date on February 14th.  I wasn’t shocked when I heard the news however, it caused me to re-enter bizarro world because….

During Seth’s next visit on February 23rd, he sat the girls down at a coffee shop and told them he was engaged to be married.  He then proceeded to show them photo after photo of their soon-to-be step-mother…who they’ve never met….the same Gazelle who had broken up with him just nine days prior.  I am wondering if things now default back to Gazelle #2….


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