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Child Custody: Six Month Review Hearing

On September 14, 2011, I sat with tears streaming down my face as the Commissioner handed down the verdict: he awarded me sole legal and physical custody and my X was stripped of his overnight visitation.  At that point, he set a 6 month review hearing.  That hearing is on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.  Two days away.

Over the past six months, there have been a total of ten weekend visits.  Of the ten scheduled visits, there have been:

  • Two complete weekend visits (4 days total) where he was a no-show with no phone call or email notification.
  • Two weekends where he was either 45 minutes late for pick up or to drop off the girls.
  • A DUI offense.
  • One weekend where I cancelled his visitation due to his failure to comply with the court orders.
  • One weekend where he hit my daughter– the first time she has ever been hit in her life.
  • Several weekends of calling me names in front of the children and several weekends of a photo of me being kept on his fireplace mantel taped over for my daughters to see.
  • And then there was the most recent incident where he completely traumatized my daughters in a church parking lot resulting in the Commissioner stripping him of his visitation rights again.

Last Friday, I received another one of his bizarre, rambling emails where everything is my fault.  He is the victim.  He takes no ownership for any of his mistakes.  He takes no ownership for what he is doing to the girls.  As much as I learn about narcissism, it is still hard to swallow and harder to understand.

I finished the paperwork for my case on Friday.  Now I sit and prepare for court on Wednesday.  Battle gear on.

I am asking for a psychiatric evaluation and professionally supervised visits in a public place pending the evaluation.

6 thoughts on “Child Custody: Six Month Review Hearing

  1. I feel the same way – no matter how much I know about his mental issue, I’m never fully prepared for those long rambly emails. The last one I recieved told me that if my children attend my wedding then he will disown them.
    Good luck to you!

  2. Ask for a alcohol evaluation as well. And request the the evaluator is agreed by both parties or appointed by the court.

  3. you can also ask for the psychologist to review the results of the alcohol evaluation as part of the psychiatric assessment. just make sure you have a say on who performs the assessment, if they are ordered. who does the supervision? I’d suggest “agreed-upon” or ordered by the court. best of luck!

  4. I have to say Tina we are going through much of your battle the same…. except we are fighting the Mom who is Pro Se. This does happen both ways. In my own divorce I was awarded Sole Custody without a fight. But standing by my fiances side fighting for his children has been a long rough road. After 3 years of fighting a 30 page Judgement was finally signed. Ordering supervised visitation lasted 3 mths and 7 visits before she blew it for excessive no shows. The children have not seen their mother in 4 mths…. no christmas gifts and no support at all. They were removed by the court before trial for alcoholism and domestic abuse. When we thought her son had cancer in October, she never even showed up for the tests and results or even called. While pics still run free on fb of mutiple drunken outings, the children suffer. We have a wonderful therapist to help with their feelings and emotions. When the order for child support garnishment got to her job, she quit. The judge ordered in house psych treatment & AA but all have been ignored. As we are now into this over $100,000 we are looking forward to court March 20th. Many, many contempt charges will be heard as well as our request for relocation to another state. As always we are fighting for the children’s safety and happiness. Make a difference, make memories and traditions and one day you will hear how you made them proud!!

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