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Feeling Re-Fueled- Today’s Court Date

Today was my ex parte hearing. 

My request was to cancel all visits pending our next court date which was just around the corner- March 7th to be exact.  I was requesting this due to the events from last weekend.  The Commissioner granted my request.  I am thrilled.  I didn’t have to be in court today but I did have to wait all day for the Commissioner to review my paperwork and make a decision.  I found out at 3pm and I am breathing easier now.

I submitted over 20 pages of declarations and evidence.  It was very strong evidence and I felt hopeful.  After the paperwork was submitted, I prayed.  My friends prayed.  Some of them lit candles, some send positive thoughts & pixie dust and others showered me with text messages and phone calls.  I felt surrounded by positivity and love today.

I am celebrating the fact that we have a week of peace.  A week of stability.  A week where I don’t have to worry about whether or not my daughters are safe.  I am thankful to the Commissioner who took the time to read my paperwork and then acted in the best interest of the girls.  It is little victories like this that re-fuel me and fill my cup back up.  These little victories restore my faith in the system.  I feel hopeful again.

Someone recently said that they admire my drive and think that I am inspirational.  I don’t feel inspirational.  I am a mom and I am doing my job: I am protecting my daughters.  I can’t imagine not protecting my daughters.  The mere thought of not fighting is something I can’t conceptualize.  I will keep fighting with honesty, integrity and my daughters’ best interest at the front of my battle ship.  My children and all children deserve to feel safe, happy and secure.

10 thoughts on “Feeling Re-Fueled- Today’s Court Date

  1. You’re an inspiration because you’re not just fighting for your children, but all children. The petition is a stroke of genius – and testament to your leadership.
    Congrats on your victory! Though I should probably say, on your daughters’ victory!

  2. Congrats! I had a victory in court this week too! Yay for judges and commisioners doing their job! My xh was granted visitation only in the presence of a counselor – no more driving without a license with LO in the car! NO more lies, unfulfilled promises to LO told when I am not there to protect LO. Yay for a judge seeing him for what he is, a lying manipulative person, and for calling him out on it. But mostly, yay for protecting our kids!

  3. Good work, Tina. We all live for your victories as well as others’ trying to protect their kids. Too many don’t succeed thanks to a broken system, but some do thanks to judges who actually see the kids’ faces through the smoke and mirrors.

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